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EOH Journal Club - Fall 2017 - Meghan Matlack

Thursday 10/26 11:00AM - 12:00PM
EOH Journal Club Seminar - Fall 2017

Date: Thursday October 26, 2017

Time: 11am - 12pm

Presenter: Meghan Matlack

Paper:  Reduced biological effect of e-cigarette aerosol compared to cigarette smoke evaluated in vitro using normalized nicotine dose and RNA-seq-based toxicogenomics

Authors: Linsey E. Haswell, Andrew Baxter, Anisha Banerjee, Ivan Verrastro, Jessica Mushonganono, Jason Adamson, David Thorne, Marianna Gaça & Emmanuel Minet

Abstract: Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) use has increased globally and could potentially offer a lower risk alternative to cigarette smoking. Here, we assessed the transcriptional response of a primary 3D airway model acutely exposed to e-cigarette aerosol and cigarette (3R4F) smoke. Aerosols were generated with standard intense smoking regimens with careful consideration for dose by normalizing the exposures to nicotine. Two e-cigarette aerosol dilutions were tested for equivalent and higher nicotine delivery compared to 3R4F. RNA was extracted at 24 hrs and 48 hrs post exposure for RNA-seq. 873 and 205 RNAs were differentially expressed for 3R4F smoke at 24 hrs and 48 hrs using a pFDR < 0.01 and a [fold change] > 2 threshold. 113 RNAs were differentially expressed at the highest dose of e-cigarette aerosol using a looser threshold of pFDR < 0.05, 3 RNAs exceeded a fold change of 2. Geneset enrichment analysis revealed a clear response from lung cancer, inflammation, and fibrosis associated genes after 3R4F smoke exposure. Metabolic/biosynthetic processes, extracellular membrane, apoptosis, and hypoxia were identified for e-cigarette exposures, albeit with a lower confidence score. Based on equivalent or higher nicotine delivery, an acute exposure to e-cigarette aerosol had a reduced impact on gene expression compared to 3R4F smoke exposure in vitro.

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