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Center for Health Equity Meeting

Interdisciplinary Latino Research Initiative

Monday 7/18 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Whether you are Latino or not, if you are interested in research about Latinos come to make contacts for future collaborations and to receive feedback and support as well as tips for your career 


We are open to all. Those who attend come from multiple schools at the University of Pittsburgh and from Duquesne and CMU. So far, the disciplines include public health, education, social work, anthropology, business, medicine, dental health and psychology.

 We also organize “Focused Writing” sessions to encourage us to write and share our successes and roadblocks. Light snacks offered.

 Interested? Come to a meeting! More info: Chantel Durrant



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Photos from a recent CHE Journal Club Spring Symposium | A symposium, panel discussion, and Q&A on the topic of Community Development and Inclusion to Address Health