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BCHS Seminar Series

Evaluation of Individual and Populations-Level Intervention Effects under Contagion

Tuesday 2/18 12:00PM - 1:00PM
6140 Public Health, Henkel Seminar Room

Candidate Olga Morozova's presentation as part of the Social Dynamics & Community Health seminar series. 

Morozova received her PhD in epidemiology from Yale in 2018. Originally from Ukraine, she received her MS in the application of mathematical modeling in social sciences fro mthe National Unviersity of Kyiv. 

Prior to starting her PhD training, Morozova worked at the National HIV and Tuberculosis Control Programs in Ukraine as an expert in monitoring and evaluation. Her research focuses on causal inference under interference and policy modeling in the context of complex dynamic processes, in particular related to opioid use disorder. 

Presented by the Center for Social Dynamics and Community Health and the Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences


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