Biostatistics Event

Biostatistics Research Day 2020

Thursday 2/27
1155 Public Health, Foster Conference Room

Biostatistics Research Day is an annual departmental event that showcases student research and promotes interdisciplinary research among graduate students and faculty in public health. This is a fantastic opportunity for graduate students to gain experience presenting their research on statistical methods or applications, receiving feedback, and building connections with faculty and alumni judges. Among all presenters, the best oral and poster presentations will be selected for awards. 

This year's invited speaker will be James Dignam, PhD (BIOST '94), executive director of the Statistics and Data Management Center for NRG Oncology, a National Cancer Institute sponsored multi-center clinical trials group with over 500 recruitment sites in North America and beyond and over 100 active clinical trials.

Dignam's primary research involves the design, conduct, and analysis of cancer clinical trials, including early development (phase I), pilot efficacy and safety (phase II), and definitive evaluation (phase III) trials. His methodological interests include trial monitoring and early stopping rules, competing risks, hazard function estimation, and prognostic modeling. He also has engaged in and led investigations into sociodemographic factors such as race/ethnicity and BMI/obesity on cancer prognosis and treatment response.

Session I: Poster Presentation (11:00 AM–12:30 PM, 1st Fl Commons)
Lunch Break: (12:30–1:45 PM)
Session II: Oral Presentation (1:45–3:15 PM, Room 1155)
Break: (3:15–3:30 PM, A115)
Plenary Talk: Dr. James Dignam, U Chicago (3:30–4:30 PM, A115)

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