Marsh wins Innovator Award


BIOST's Gary Marsh received the Innovator Award at the 14th annual Celebration of Innovation. The award is related to sales of his software package Occupational Cohort Mortality Analysis Program (OCMAP) which was developed at Pitt the assistance of biostatistics faculty and staff including Ada Youk, Roslyn Stone, and Chuck Alcorn. Years earlier Harvey Co Chien completed his master's thesis in 1987, developing an analytic module for this same software.

Developed at the University of Pittsburgh, the Occupational Cohort Mortality Analysis Program (OCMAP), is a widely distributed modularized computer program that performs many basic data management and statistical analysis procedures. While OCMAP is designed primarily for occupational mortality studies, applications generalize easily to studies of other health end-points, such as cancer incidence, and to studies in non-occupational settings (e.g., pharmaco-epidemiology). The current OCMAP program is now in use by over 300 institutions in the United States and abroad. Releases of OCMAP have been referenced in over 200 peer-reviewed journals, based on a review of the Scientific Citations Index database.


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