Jeanine Buchanich promoted to research associate professor.


The Department of Biostatistics is pleased to announce the promotion of JEANINE M. BUCHANICH Ph.D., M.Ed., to research associate professor.

Buchanich joined the faculty of Pitt Public Health in 2008 in the department of Biostatistics. Dr. Buchanich is leading an initiative to make a Pitt Public Health-held mortality repository more accessible to public health professionals and stakeholders. As part of this effort, she has investigated mortality trends in the US, PA and local county area. She is particularly interested in patterns in overdose deaths and ways in which to reduce the effect of this deadly epidemic. She has also examined other specific causes of death and patterns by geographic and demographic factors. Her other research interests include occupational and environmental epidemiology and she serves as the Deputy Director for the Center for Occupational Biostatistics and Epidemiology (COBE). Dr. Buchanich is currently Principal Investigator (PI) on an investigation of the dust characteristics associated with coal mining and miners’ lung function. She also served as PI on a case ascertainment study of polycythemia vera conducted in conjunction with the PA Department of Health, and a study of community health in Appalachian mining communities. After experiencing challenges with tracing cohorts to identify incident cancer cases and deaths, she became a strong advocate for making public health data more accessible to researchers and to the public, and has worked with the CDC, Westat, and state cancer registries to implement new strategies allowing easier access to data.Dr. Buchanich teaches a course in scientific communication skills and directs the statistical consulting laboratory for the department; her professional interests outside of academia involve working with professional societies, such as the American Statistical Association, to improve the communication of statistical and scientific information to the general public and to stakeholders.


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