Biostatistics Seminar Series

Yi Li, University of Michigan - Modeling Big Biomedical Data: Challenges and Opportunities

Tuesday 1/10 3:30PM - 4:30PM
Public Health Auditorium (G23)

Biostatistics Seminar speaker, Dr. Yi Li, Department of Biostatistics, University of Michigan, will present, "Modeling Big Biomedical Data: Challenges and Opportunities."

In this talk, I will briefly introduce some big biomedical datasets (BBD) my group has been analyzing. I will then talk about some statistical work that aims to model and analyze them.  Time permitting, I will specifically illustrate 3 new methods that our group has recently developed: (1) a  Gateaux-differential based boosting method (GdBoost) for modeling and variable selection in the presence of high-dimensional time-varying effects; (2) a covariance-enhanced discriminating  analytical (CEDA) tool for classifications in the presence of high-dimensional gene expression profiles; (3) a computationally efficient modeling technique for evaluating national dialysis facilities' performance in terms of 30-day readmission.

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