Ngo named Joseph F. Mulach Jr. and Louisa A. Mulach Scholar


The Joseph F. Mulach, Jr. and Louisa A. Mulach Scholarship Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation was created to provide scholarships to students in the field of biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics, or physics. Students enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health involved with genetic research are also eligible for the scholarships.

"This award meant a lot to me in terms of having a bit more financial stability, which has allowed me to focus more on my studies and work. In addition, being given this award gave me confirmation that my studies and field of work are respected and gives me validation to continue on in this field," said Marilyn Ngo (HUGEN '20), one of this year's scholars.

"Public Health Genetics is only offered as a program from two universities, and many times people wonder about the significance of genetics in public health and the inverse of that is true as well. However, the two are very much related. Research in this field can go towards helping so many people in new and innovative ways. Scholarships like these help me continue on with my studies and research and I hope that in the future, I can use the skills I learned to help promote public health genetics and to improve the health of so many people." 

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