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BCHS's Mair says alcohol's health benefits are hard to prove, but harms are easy to document

LOS ANGELES TIMES / THE CONVERSATION - Alcohol is the most widely used drug in the world. While the rising opioid epidemic has been receiving a lot of attention in the past five years, it is important to remember that alcohol is involved in a greater number of deaths and physical and social problems, says CHRISTINA MAIR. Backed by a strong industry, alcohol's dangers may be underplayed and its benefits exaggerated.   

Robertson and other cancer experts say county needs to ramp up HPV vaccine rates

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE - Twelve years after the first vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV) was licensed for use, many young people still have not had the vaccine that is proven to prevent certain types of cancer. HPV vaccination rates for girls and boys in the Pittsburgh area are still far below the Healthy People 2020 goal of 80 percent, although they are improving, according to BCHS's LINDA ROBERTSON.    

Pitt task force outlines framework for confronting nationwide opioid crisis

PITTWIRE - Pitt is taking a leading role in tackling the public health crisis by strengthening its prevention, treatment and recovery programs to bring meaningful change to the lives of students. "While opioid abuse is lower on university campuses, we can't be complacent," said Chancellor Patrick Gallagher. Pitt Public Health was represented on the task by BRADY BUSHOVER (EPI '18) and project coordinator MICHAEL MALLON (BCHS '13).   

Pitt's opioid task force releases recommendations

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE - The task force, which includes officials and students, including BRADY BUSHOVER (EPI '18) and MICHAEL MALLON (BCHS '13), has recommended that the school mobilize its research and treatment resources to fight addiction through initiatives ranging from partnerships with local medical centers to an on-campus space devoted to student recovery.   

Baumann receives Boren Fellowship to study Nepali language

PITT WIRE - The National Security Education Program has recognized 8 Pitt students with Boren Awards. Doctoral student, SARA BAUMANN (BCHS '19), received a Boren Fellowship for study of the Nepali language at Cornell University for summer 2018 to support her work in community-based participatory research using Collaborative Filmmaking to further examine menstrual practices in Nepal this fall.  

Swayze weighs in on 5 things community paramedics need to know about the opioid epidemic

EMS1 - Many EMS agencies are reporting record numbers of overdose-related 911 responses and unprecedented amounts of naloxone being administered during resuscitative efforts. Many systems are turning to new mobile integrated health care and community paramedicine approaches to help. DAN SWAYZE (BCHS '09) shares the 5 things community paramedics should know to be effective.   

Gary-Webb and Mendez talk Project Hunger (Video)

WTAE - More than 325,000 people in southwestern Pennsylvania are food insecure according to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Rural areas are particularly vulnerable. "If groceries stores are miles away, it'll be very difficult to get to those," says BCHS's TIFFANY GARY-WEBB. "Some do have access to food but it may not be the most helpful food," says EPI's DARA MENDEZ.   

'Invisible workforce' of caregivers is wearing out as boomers age

STAR TRIBUNE - Growing numbers of Americans face the challenge of caring for an aging parent or other loved one, a burden that will skyrocket as 76 million baby boomers move into their 80s and need help coping with dementia, cancer, heart disease, or just plain frailty and old age. “I don’t think people have really connected all those dots, other than those of us who are doing this work,” said RICHARD SCHULZ, EPI and BCHS professor.  

The new 2018 Pittsburgh Summer Institute cohort

The 2018 Pittsburgh Summer Institute (PSI), a collaborative internship program between the Allegheny County Health Department and Pitt Public Health, welcomed 16 students at orientation yesterday. The students will be addressing real-world public health problems and completing a group project about the tobacco retail environment.  

Williams-Pate represents Pitt Public Health as This is Public Health ambassador

ASPPH FRIDAY LETTER - Thirty-five new ambassadors, including KYANNA WILLIAMS-PATE (BCHS ’19), are joining the program, representing the This Is Public Health brand and 23 ASPPH member institutions. Throughout the year, ambassadors participate in a series of public health outreach events along with professional development activities. 

Sloan’s Connections4Health organization celebrates five years

Connections4Health (formerly Birmingham HealthLinks) was developed by JENNIFER SLOAN (BCHS ’14) while she was a Pitt Public Health student. The program works to address the social health needs of underserved people by focusing on issues such as housing, food security, job training, and utility assistance. The program is celebrating its five year anniversary with a fundraising event on May 23, 2018.  

Dean's Day 2018 BCHS departmental award recipients

WILLIAM LOUTH-MARQUEZ (MPH '20) received the prize for the master's category and LYCIA TRAMUJAS VASCONCELLOS NEUMANN (PhD '19) received the doctoral prize.    

Dean’s Day award recipients, Delta Omega and Rosenkranz prizes

This year’s Delta Omega prize was awarded to AMRITA SAHU (EOH ’19), and the Herbert Rosenkranz Prize was given to EMMETT HENDERSON (BCHS ’21).  

Pitt Public Health students receive awards for Pitt's Health Disparities Poster Competition

The Health Disparities Poster Competition is a University-wide event. Two students from Pitt Public Health received awards during this year's competition. Congratulations to JOHN WRIGHT CORDIER (HPM '18) and CRISTIAN CHANDLER (BCHS '18).   

Award recipients for 2018's CPHP Translation and Cartier-Ulrich awards

In conjunction with Dean's Day, YUAE PARK (BCHS '20) was awarded with the Center for Public Health Practice Award for Translation and Application of Research to Public Health Policy and Practice. In addition, EMMA GOSSARD (BCHS '18) and LYCIA TRAMUJAS VACONCELLOS NEUMANN (BCHS '19) were awarded with the Catherine Cartier Ulrich Memorial Award for Service to the Underserved.   

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