Dara Mendez, Social Context and Pregnancy Outcomes

Dara Mendez’s research interests explore the role of social context in determining outcomes related to pregnancy, birth and women's health. She specifically applies frameworks and approaches focused on the social determinants of health equity and health disparities. She employs novel methods to measure and understand neighborhood environments, various forms of racism (including institutional and structural racism) and social stress.

In 2014, Mendez was a recipient of the Manners Award for her study, The Development of a Measure of Neighborhood Well Being for Pittsburgh Neighborhood. The goal of the study was to develop, which data from the Pittsburgh Neighborhood and Community Information System, a neighborhood well-being index that can be utilized to identify neighborhoods with either a positive or negative impact on public health. Mendez is also a founding member of the Allegheny County Core for Enabling Systems Study of Neighborhoods.

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