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Did You Know? The Inclusive Classroom...

There are many ways to bring inclusivity into your course before you even walk through your classroom door. You can start by becoming aware of your own biases (by, for instance, completing a Self-Identity Pie Chart or “Project Implicit” inventory, both online) in order to confront and modify any behaviors that may make students feel excluded. There are also a few easy ways to build inclusivity into your course syllabus: using gender-neutral pronouns, establishing guidelines for in-class discussions, and taking stock of course material to include authors from different backgrounds. Finally, have a plan of action for when a student says or does something controversial or exclusive in a class discussion. There are many strategies for managing these oftentimes uncomfortable situations that range from framing a class discussion around the incident to taking a short break. To learn other strategies for making your classroom more inclusive, you can consult the University Center for Teaching and Learning or the University Times article.


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