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Please note that the “people” part of the move within the Pitt Public Health buildings is complete... The North Parran conference rooms have been relocated...  Thank you... 

Pitt to lead trauma network through $90 million federal defense contract

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE - Pitt Public Health's Epidemiology Data Center to  coordinate data collection and analysis for a new U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) contract to Pitt for up to $90M in research to improve trauma care for both civilians and the military alike... 

: Extension: CHE Master's & Doctoral Student Scholarship Award

The Center for Health Equity (CHE) has extended the application deadline to October 18 for its Master's & Doctoral Student Scholarship Award. 

Reservations and events in the Pitt Public Health commons

The new Pitt Public Health commons can be reserved through  Karen M. Perkins  in the Dean's Office.  Please note that this space cannot be completely closed  to traffic. Groups holding events will need to be mindful of the needs of other users of the space, especially if the event is  not open to all (e.g. for department-specific events).  

Amrit Kaur’s letter published in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

In the Introduction To The U.S. Healthcare Delivery System I, students are asked to write a letter to the editor as part of developing the competency of Community Orientation. Occasionally letters get published. I’m pleased to share that Amrit Kaur’s letter that was published in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. 

Meet Simon Yohannes (MMPH '17), Dean's Scholar

Third-year medical student Simon Yohannes decided on Pitt Public Health's Multidisciplinary Master of Public Health  to better serve the communities he cares about most. “I chose public health because of my interest in psychiatry—particularly in immigrant and refugee populations.” 

Opportunities for funding through Competition Space

Opportunities for funding through Competition Space 

How Safe Is Artifical Turf For Pittsburgh-Area Athletes?

PUBLICSOURCE/WESA - Environmental toxicologist Dr. Bernard Goldstein of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health weighs in on the on the safety of artificial turf fields. “Sometimes there is a real relationship, and it shows up first as a cluster. Unless you do the epidemiological studies, we just don’t know,” Goldstein said, adding that such clusters can occur in nature without a common cause."It’s far too early to assume... 

Meet Sarah Sanders (BCHS '18), Dean's Scholar

Dean's Scholar Sarah Sanders (BCHS '18) chose to pursue a career in public health after she was exposed to the roadblocks women and families sometimes face when trying to access consistent, quality health care. “On a small scale I was able to address some of these barriers,” she says, “I envision a world, or at least a city, where culturally competent health care pervades on a community level, where folks are being cared for at every interval o... 

Meet Helen Ann Lawless (BCHS '18), Dean's Scholar

Like many high school students who excel in the quantitative sciences and express a desire to enter health care, Helen Ann Lawless (BCHS '18) was encouraged to become a doctor.  “Once I discovered the field of public health, I knew I could still be involved in the health field while exploring my interests in population health, I changed my major...and never looked back.”  Today, she marvels on her journey from a Pitt undergraduate to a Pitt Pub... 

Meet Joanna Shaw (IDM '18), Dean's Scholar

Unsure of whether to pursue an MD, a PhD, or both, incoming Dean's Scholar Joanna Shaw chose Pitt Public Health's Department of Infections Diseases and Microbiology to further develop her research and lab skills while she solidifies her research and career plans... 

Meet Dean's Scholar Peter Lewellen (HPM '18)

Meet  Peter Lewellen , a pre-med graduate of Duke University and incoming Dean's Scholar in the Department of Health Policy and Management. A native of Manitowoc, WI, Lewellen is pursuing his Master of Health Administration (MHA) and also plans to complete the department's Health Systems Engineering Certificate with Pitt's Swanson School of Engineering... 

Increased Total, CVD Mortality in Young Adults With T1DM

HealthDay News via DoctorsLounge: … Rachel G. Miller, from the University of Pittsburgh, and colleagues studied 502 adults <45 years old with childhood-onset T1DM from the Pittsburgh Epidemiology of Diabetes Complications Study during the 1996 to 2012 follow-up. …  

How Safe Is Artificial Turf For Pittsburgh-Area Athletes?

PublicSource via WESA-FM:  In the meantime, athletes don’t have to recuse themselves from the turf, said Goldstein, former dean of the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. “But it is wise to take off athletic gear and shower right away,” he said. “There are certain kinds of preventive approaches which come at no cost. That’s one of them. Wipe off, go ahead.” …  

World AIDS Day 2016 Conference Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for the World AIDS Day 2016 Conference on Thursday, December 1, 2016. Register now at: 

Healthy Lifestyle in Old Age Shortens End-of-Life Disability

MEDICAL XPRESS - Leading a healthy lifestyle not only extends one’s lifespan, but it also shortens the time that is spent disabled—a finding that had previously eluded public health scientists and demonstrates the value of investing in healthy lifestyle promotion, even among the elderly.  "This clearly demonstrates the great value of investing in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and encouraging people to maintain healthy behaviors into old a... 

Study: Early menopause symptoms linked to heart risks

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE - Hot flashes and similar symptoms that hit women during their transition into menopause may be more than an annoyance, new research from the University of Pittsburgh reports. When the symptoms begin when a woman is 42 or younger, they may warn of an increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Published Wednesday in the journal Menopause, the observational study was led by Rebecca Thurston, a professor of ps... 

Could the Next Brooklyn Be Pittsburgh?

BROOKLYN BASED - When the borough you call home becomes known as one the most expensive places to live in America, it’s natural to look around for better alternatives.... there is another metropolis the 25-34 cohort is gravitating toward that is considerably more buzzworthy, filled with James Beard Award-nominated chefs, tech startups, and the cool factor of a soon-to-open Ace Hotel. The city that holds all this promise? Pittsburgh. It claims mor... 

Healthy Lifestyle in Old Age Shortens End-of-Life Disability

Leading a healthy lifestyle not only extends one’s lifespan, but it also shortens the time that is spent disabled—a finding that had previously eluded public health scientists and demonstrates the value of investing in healthy lifestyle promotion, even among the elderly. 

How Pitt Public Health Swayed Immunization Policy in California

Richard Pan knew he faced an uphill battle last year when championing his controversial California Senate bill aimed to ensure more children received immunizations. In order to get the bill passed, he had to find a way to help his fellow senators understand why immunizing individual children was good for everyone – and vital to their constituencies. “For lay people, the concept of community immunity – herd immunity – is a hard one,” said Pan, w... 

Alumna vaccinates morning radio hosts

KDKA RADIO - Lauren Bealafeld Brungo  (BCHS ’15), nurse supervisor for the Allegheny County Health Department, gave flu shots live-and-on-air to KDKA Morning Show hosts Larry and John. Check out the insider video. 

Pitt Public Health alumnus Bennet Omalu discusses 'Concussion' in Thrival festival appearance

PITTSBURGH POST GAZETTE - In a Thrival festival appearance, Pitt Public Health alumnus Bennet Omalu (EPI '04) had zero interest in football in 2002, when Mike Webster’s body arrived at the Allegheny County coroner’s office. So why was Omalu the one who discovered what was wrong with former Pittsburgh Steeler?In a speech that was at times motivational and even emotional, Omalu encouraged audience members to embrace their individuality, discussed... 

Pitt Researcher Turns to Lock-In Programs to Prevent ‘Doctor Shopping’

Dr. Julie Donohue, associate professor of health policy and management at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, has been working with the state medicate agency to investigate the prevalence of opioid overdose in the Pennsylvania Medicaid population. Her pilot grant focuses on lock-in programs that determine the best criteria to identify people who are at risk for abusing prescription opioids, and limit them to filling pr... 

University appoints Jane Cauley to rank of distinguished professor

UNIVERSITY TIMES - The University has honored Jane Cauley , Department of Epidemiology in the Graduate School of Public Health, appointing her as distinguished professor. The Distinguished Professor designation honors extraordinary internationally recognized scholarly attainment in an individual discipline or field. By nature of their appointment, distinguished professors are expected to make special contributions to the intellectual advancement... 

Pitt Researchers Analyze Patterns of Prescribed Opioid Misuse

Dr. Thomas Songer, assistant professor of epidemiology at the   University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health , discusses his research on the opioid epidemic. His goal is to find a pattern or common trait among those who start out needing prescribed opioids, but then eventually need hospitalization for misusing them. This research will help policymakers develop legislation to stop that pattern from occurring in the future.  YouTube... 

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