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The OjO Latino Photo-project: What does it mean to be Latino in Pittsburgh?

What does it mean to be Latino in Pittsburgh? Through the OjO Latino  project, twelve Latino community members will explore answers through photography and collective discussion highlighting the daily struggles, fears, and desires of immigrants in Pittsburgh. 

Additives like fentanyl are making the opioid epidemic deadlier in Pittsburgh

PUBLIC SOURCE profiles how Pitt Public Health alumnus AARON ARNOLD (BCHS '12) is working to limit overdose deaths from fentanyl-laced opioids as executive director of  PREVENTION POINT PITTSBURGH . Read the full story. 

Rivera-Guerra (IDM ‘13) Wins YWCA Racial Justice Award

Congratulations to Jesabel I. Rivera-Guerra (IDM ‘13) on winning the 2016 Racial Justice Award for Community Engagement by the YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh.  A native of Puerto Rico, Rivera-Guerra volunteers as president of the Pittsburgh Latin American Cultural Union, the oldest Latino organization in our area. Says Patricia Documet, associate professor and scientific director of the Center for Health Equity, “Jesabel is passionate about worki... 

International Team Decodes Cellular Death Signals

PHYS.ORG - A multidisciplinary international team of scientists solved the mystery of a recently discovered type of controlled cell death, mapping the path to potential therapies for conditions ranging from radiation injury to cancer. The study, led in part by the University of Pittsburgh, is reported today in two papers in Nature Chemical Biology.. .  “Our team successfully decoded the signaling language that cells use to trigger ferroptosis,” ... 

Momentum To Regulate Drug Prices Uncertain After Prop 61 Defeat, Republican Victories

CALIFORNIA HEALTHLINE - “The prospect for a broad measure at the federal level for doing something about pricing is probably zero,” said Dr. Walid Gellad associate professor of medicine and director of the Center for Pharmaceutical Policy and Prescribing at the University of Pittsburgh. . 

To Keep the Weight Off, Keep Tracking Your Diet

YAHOO NEWS - The researchers found that people tended to stop dietary monitoring after about four months, and that this was followed by regaining weight, said Qianheng Ma, a public health researcher at the University of Pittsburgh and the lead author of the study. 

Access Hours to Parran and Crabtree Halls

Due to construction, access hours to the building are in flux. Current hours are as follows, but check here for future updates:  5th Avenue Entrance : 7 a.m. - 8 p.m.;  DeSoto Street Entrance : 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.;  Loading Dock : 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.; Crabtree Parking Garage (1st floor): 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.;  Crabtree Parking Garage (3rd floor): 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. 

Support new energy plan

MISSOULIAN - It wasn’t until the early 1970s when the city of Pittsburgh, in cooperation with the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health and others, embarked on an ambitious 20-year plan to clean the air and water.    

Pennsylvania has 1M in path of Obamacare repeal

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW -  “I don't think we've seen anything on this scale,” said Julie Donohue , an associate professor of health policy and management in the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public Health. “... It would be unprecedented.” 

What is public health? (Global Health with Greg Martin | VIDEO)

YOUTUBE  -  Take a look at the question, "What is public heath?" and consider what it is that public health professionals do: from research and surveillance to actions to prevent disease and improve access to care and treatment. If you're considering a career in public health and want to know a little more about what a job in public health might look like, take a look.  You can find related videos on the Global Health with Greg Martin YouTube cha... 

This Is Public Health - Cause and Effect (VIDEO)

APHA - Showcasing real people who use their degrees and experience to protect and promote the health of us all, "CAUSE | EFFECT" video builds awareness about careers and degree programs in public health. This APHA video describes public health in action by interviewing current public health students and professionals and asking them to describe the passion that drives their work and the impact/effect they have on the world we live in. 

Donald S. Burke addresses "Forecasting the opioid epidemic" in Science

SCIENCE - Since 2000, almost half a million Americans have died from drug overdoses. This modern plague—largely driven by opioid addiction—degrades health, saps productivity, spawns crime, and devastates families, all at enormous societal cost. How did we get here, and what do we do now? Dean Donald S. Burke , MD, of Pitt Public Health advocates in the November 4, 2016 issue of Science that "a new, public health–oriented approach is neede... 

Wendy King Receives Prestigious Award for Bariatric Surgery Research

INSIDE UPMC - Wendy King, Ph.D., of the Department of Epidemiology of the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, has been awarded the Circle of Excellence Award from the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS). The award was recently presented at the group’s annual conference luncheon to recognize and honor a member who has made a significant and meaningful contribution to the Integrated Health Sciences Se... 

In Menopausal Women, Carotid Plaque Buildup Shown to Increase as Sleep Decreases

SLEEP REVIEW … “We found that shorter objective sleep time was associated with significantly higher odds of carotid plaque,” says Rebecca Thurston , PhD, director of the Women’s Biobehavioral Health Laboratory and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, in a release. …  

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh

TRAVEL+LEISURE - Its comeback from postindustrial malaise was already one of the best stories in the annals of American urbanism. Now something even more unlikely is happening: the Steel City is turning into Cool Town, U.S.A.   

Studies show people get more benefits from exercise as they age

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE -  “There’s been conflicting data on whether people are just living longer and we’re just prolonging the period of time they’re in poor health,” said Anne Newman, a Pitt geriatrician and epidemiologist involved in both studies. …   

Burke provides tools for understanding the opioid "Path to Hell"

PITT MED - Amid the wreckage of the opioid crisis, DONALD S. BURKE, dean of the Graduate School of Public Health, has contributed to the discussion of the epidemic with a time-lapsed graphic of accidental poisoning deaths in the United States, with counties colored according to their death rates. By the mid-2000s, the map displayed explosive color all around the nation (with a red hot spot indicating poisonings in Western Pennsylvania).  

Pitt class presenting naloxone recommendations to national public health group

PITTSBURGH BUSINESS TIMES - A University of Pittsburgh public health law class that recently presented five recommendations for curbing opioid deaths in the region using naloxone to the Allegheny County Health Department will share those recommendations today at the American Public Health Association's annual meeting in Denver.The two-year-old class, Law in Public Health Practice, focused its semester-long research into tackling opioid abuse on ... 

Lopez (BCHS ‘90) profiled in Forward magazine

FORWARD MAGAZINE - Pitt Public Health MPH alumna   Ivette Lopez (BCHS ‘90)  was recently recognized in Seton Hill’s Forward magazine for her work in addressing diverse health problems, including HIV/AIDS, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Lopez directs Latino Health Initiatives and serves as an associate professor of Public Health, Behavioral Science and Health Education at Florida A & M University. 

Pitt class's naloxone recommendations presented to national public health group

PITTSBURGH BUSINESS TIMES -  “Of the populations we studied, our research suggests that people recently released from incarceration would benefit the most from naloxone distribution because they are highly susceptible to overdosing,” said Elizabeth Van Nostrand, assistant professor of health policy and management at Pitt’s Graduate School of Public Health, and adjunct professor at Pitt’s School of Law, in a statement. …   

Policy to prevent opioid overdose presented

MEDICAL XPRESS - "Heroin-related deaths have tripled in the past decade. There is no quick fix to the opioid overdose epidemic," said Elizabeth Van Nostrand, J.D., assistant professor of health policy and management at Pitt's Graduate School of Public Health, and adjunct professor at Pitt's School of Law. …   

Pitt Report on Policy to Prevent Opioid Overdose Presented at National Meeting

Training Allegheny County Jail inmates in the use of the heroin overdose antidote drug naloxone, distributing free naloxone to the family and friends of local veterans at risk for overdosing, improving overdose data collection—these are among the main recommendations that an innovative public health law class at the University of Pittsburgh presented recently to the Allegheny County Health Department. 

ANDREA KRISKA addresses American Diabetes Association on activity and prevention

MD MAGAZINE ( video ) - Whatever it is called there is mounting evidence that staying active, whether through exercise or other means, is an important part of preventing the development of diabetes as well as overall health in general. Pitt Public Health epidemiology professor Andrea M. Kriska discussed the role of activity in the results of the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) during the annual meeting of the American Diabetes Associatio... 

Meet Amanda Everman (HUGEN '18), Dean's Scholar

“I don’t think I chose public health. Public health chose me....The more I learned about genetics, the more I knew it was what I wanted to focus on for my career,” she says. The Philadelphia native and Penn State grad says the short distance from her hometown and in-state tuition are nice bonuses, and she’s enjoying her new city. “I was surprised at how different Pittsburgh is from Philadelphia."  

Scientists are bewildered by Zika’s path across Latin America

THE WASHINGTON POST - “Our focus on Zika has changed,” said Ernesto Marques , an epidemiologist at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health who is working on a project to develop a vaccine for the virus.  

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