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Off-Label Antipsychotic Use Common in VA Nursing Home Residents, Pitt Study Finds


Regional Analysis Masks Substantial Local Variation in Health Care Spending


Professor Steve Albert's commentary advocating for the use of agent-based modeling to examine the mechanisms linking community context to health outcomes was recently accepted for publication in Preventive Medicine

According to Dr. Albert, multilevel models are limited in their ability to test pathways and identify mediators of individual-community associations. We need more flexible analytic tools that can take into account mediation, multi-directional causation, and nonlinear relations... 

Associate Professor Jessica Burke is co-author on a chapter in the recently published "Community Development in the Steel City: Democracy, Justice and Power in Pittsburgh" edited by Akwugo Emejulu

'The chapter builds on work between the Community Human Services Corporation and the University of Pittsburgh and offers a practical example of how community-based organizations can work together with universities to democratize the research process while simultaneously developing better strategies for tackling key social problems. 

BCHS Faculty presented their research at the Pennsylvania Public Health Association (PPHA) conference held in Pittsburgh and the annual American Public Health Association (APHA) meeting held in San Francisco.

At the PPHA conference, Dr. Jeanette Trauth and doctoral student Elian Rosenfeld along with their community partner, Consumer Health Coalition, shared their work titled: Reducing Hospital Readmissions by Improving Health Literacy among Elderly and Caregivers. 

The Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences (BCHS) recently established the BCHS Concept Mapping Institute

The Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences (BCHS) recently established the BCHS Concept Mapping Institute and became a designated concept mapping center of practice by the Concept Systems Centers of Practice (CS COP) Program. Concept mapping is a participatory, mixed method research approach that yields a conceptual framework for how a group views a particular topic or aspect of a topic... 

Epidemiology Faculty Member Highlighted in Pittsburgh Magazine

The accomplishments of Eunha Shim, PhD, Epidemiology faculty member were recently highlighted in the October 2012 edition of Pittsburgh Magazine. 

Pitt Public Health Alumna on The Doctors


We will now be offering HUGEN 2051 "Inborn Errors of Development"

HuGen 2051 "Inborn Errors of Development" next semester (Spring 2013). This is an advanced course which explores the relationship between development and human inherited disease. 

Pitt experts say federal research cutbacks contribute to waste


Weight loss surgery tied to increase in drinking


Hospital cooperation key to reducing rates of infection, study finds


Many Seniors Overpaying for Medicare Drug Plans: Study


Forest Hills Police Get Skateboard Helmets Through


Computer simulation shows hospitals' MSRA rates are interconnected


Chao Zhou, Ph.D. published in Health Affairs October issue

The Vast Majority Of Medicare Part D Beneficiaries Still Don’t Choose The Cheapest Plans That Meet Their Medication Needs By Chao Zhou, co-author Yuting Z  

Pitt Public Health Dean Delivers Keynote Address at Statewide Health Conference


Hospitals That Cooperate on Infection Control Fare Better Than Hospitals Acting Alone


Medicare Beneficiaries Overspend by Hundreds, Pitt Public Health Finds


The risks of eating rice


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Online Service Aiming to Match Moms-to-Be With Doulas Wins Student Pitch Competition 

Online Service Aiming to Match Moms-to-Be With Doulas Wins Student Pitch Competition

PITTWIRE - Finding a suitable doula — a professional who gives physical and educational support before, during and after childbirth — can be difficult, said Pitt Graduate School of Public Health Student ALYSIA TUCKER of BCHS. Her prize-winning idea could make the process easier. (07/07/2017)

Toward Curing HIV: Test Finds Hidden Virus 

Toward Curing HIV: Test Finds Hidden Virus

PITTWIRE - A team of Pitt scientists led by IDM's PHALGUNI GUPTA developed a test to detect "hidden" HIV that is faster, less labor-intensive and less expensive than the current "gold standard" test. (05/31/2017)
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