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IDM Annual Research Day

IDM Annual Research Day - September 13, 2018

Support PhD, MS, and MPH students from the Department of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology by attending the IDM Annual Research Day!
Learn about research projects in IDM and meet current students.

Students, alumni, and faculty are invited to attend the next IDM Research Day:

Thursday, September 14, 2017
O'Hara Student Center
4024 O'Hara St., Pittsburgh
Open Reception: 12-3 p.m.

Minimize POSTER WINNERS from the 2017 IDM Research Day

PhD Presentations


1stPlace;Lyndsay Avery

“TIM-3 Co-Stimulation Promotes Short-Term Effector T Cells, Restricts memory Precursors and is Dispensable for T Cell Exhaustion”

2ndPlace;Parichat Duangkhae

“Interplay Between Keratinocytes and Myeloid Cells Drives Dengue Virus Spread in Human Skin”

3rdPlace;Michael Kujawa

“Cytokine Response in the Encephalitic Disease Model of Lewis Rats Infected with Rift Valley Fever Virus”



MS Presentations


1stPlace;Jon Mandell

“Cationic Amphipathic Peptide WLBU2 Eradicates S. Aureus Biofilms Associated with Periprosthetic Joint Infection”

2ndPlace;Matthew Good

“Impact of Zika Virus on Human Dendritic Cell Survival and Function”

3rdPlace;Michael Yee

“Approaches to Visualize Varicella Zoster Virus Genomes in Live Cell and Neuron Cultures”




MPH-MIC Presentations


1stPlace;Erica Berry

“Factors Influencing the Utilization of Intermittent Preventative Treatment in Pregnant Women in Sub-Saharan Africa”

2ndPlace;Daniel Lomauro

“Improving PA PDMP Utilization in Providing Patient Care”

3rdPlace (tie);JT Stoner

“Guy Talk: A Guide to Educating and Empowering Young Men to Develop Healthy Relationships and Sexual Practices”

3rdPlace (tie);Jocelin Teachout

“Strategies to Reduce the High Cost of Hepatitis C Treatment: A Literature Review”



MPH-PEL Presentations


1stPlace;Megan Beary

“Quantitative Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay to Detect and Quantify Francisella Tularensis in Infected Rabbit Tissues”

2ndPlace;Vessela Miladinova

“Development of Educational Products for PDMP System User and Stakeholder”

3rdPlace;Scott Chadwell

“Measures of Equity and Their Role in Vaccination Coverage”

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IDM Annual Meeting 2017

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