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Howard J. Jacob, PhD - “Genome Sequencing: Lab Bench to Patient and Back Again”

Tuesday 1/17 12:30AM - 1:30PM
Public Health Auditorium (G23)
Howard J. Jacob, PhD
Founder | Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Scientific Officer
“Genome Sequencing: Lab Bench to Patient and Back Again”
Today genomic sequencing is increasingly being used in the clinic and has long been a driving force for molecular genetics/genomics research. The power of genomic sequencing is actually blurring the lines between the clinic and research. The blurring creates unique opportunities for institutions willing to enter the genomics game today. How precision/personalized genomic medicine can be used in both settings will be discussed and case studies will be shown. Application of research at the patient level and from the population health perspective will also be provided. 

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