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Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

Check out the stories from these former students, faculty, and staff as Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

Katherine Buchman

Katherine Buchman, Madagascar

As a community health educator…I focused on endemic disease prevention, sanitation, and nutrition for the younger students, and life skills, including sexual decision making, HIV/STI prevention and education, and prenatal/early childhood health for the older students. Peace Corps showed me that my greatest satisfaction comes from helping others. Read more

April Carman

April Carman, Central Asia

My Peace Corps experience further intensified my interest in maternal-child health and demonstrated the importance of public health working collaboratively with clinical medicine for better health outcomes. Read more

Joan Eichner

Joan Eichner, South America

I lived in a coastal village in Guyana…[and] conducted women’s health counseling at the village clinic, including nutrition, breast feeding, and family planning. Read more

Kenneth Jaros

Kenneth Jaros, South Asia

My Peace Corps service included work with the Agricultural Extension Project…promoting the use of high-yielding varieties of rice and implementing multiple-crop cycles. Read more

Melissa Knorr

Melissa Knorr, Zambia, Belize, Costa Rica

I served as a health education volunteer in a tiny village (about 500 people) in the Northwestern Province of Zambia. My primary assignment was to help build the capacity of the Neighborhood Health Committee as part of the national plan to decentralize Zambian healthcare. Read more

Adrienne Long

Adrienne Long, Mozambique

I served in Mozambique, a large country in sub-Saharan Africa from 2011-2013. I lived in the Northern part of the country in a small town and worked with the American non-governmental organization Pathfinder International. Read more

Annie Nagy

Annie Nagy, West Africa

I trained student health workers in HIV/AIDS education and prevention. I provided information to community members on prenatal care, child nutrition, family planning, and STI/AIDS prevention. Read more

Mike Roman

Mike Roman, Micronesia

While my initial work involved teaching, I soon realized the very serious need for HIV/AIDS education that was not being provided through classroom curriculum and began focusing my efforts on health and HIV projects in the country. Read more

mike mallon

Mike Mallon, Ethiopia

I lived and worked in the beautiful Ethiopian highland town of Debresina, home to an old Italian-built tunnel and stopping point for travelers on the thoroughfare between the capital Addis Ababa and another large regional city. Read more

Helen McGuirk

Helen McGuirk, Kenya

I lived with the Luo tribe in the Nyanza Province of Kenya, near Lake Victoria; the land was constantly green and lush with rolling hills. The primary language spoken is DhoLuo, a Nilotic language spoken around the lake in various countries. Read more

Lori Phillips

Lori Phillips, Cambodia

I served as an Education and Health Volunteer in the 3rd Peace Corps group in Cambodia. I lived in a district town in Kampong Thom Province, located in the middle of the country. Read more

Sarah Sisaye

Sarah Sisaye, Kenya

I was sworn in as a Peace Corps Public Health Volunteer on July 21, 2010 and placed at the Navakholo Sub-District Hospital in Navakholo, Kenya. Read more

Orrin Tiberi

Orrin Tiberi, Ecuador

I was in the second cohort of PCMI students at Pitt Public Health, and after my first year of classes prepared myself to head to Ecuador as a Community Health worker. Read more

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