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Yong Seok Park, PhD

Assistant Professor, Biostatistics


R-znvy: lbatcnex@cvgg.rqh
Primary Phone: 967-179-8573
Fax: 967-179-7638

Personal Statement

My current research focuses on epigenetic and high throughput genomic data analysis in cancer study. Since January 2012, I have focused on Bioinformatics research such as developing whole genome DNA methylation data analysis pipeline using novel statistical model, RNA sequencing data analysis, microarray and sequencing based gene expression data analysis. In addition, I have developed a web-based statistical tool to predict recurrence of prostate cancer for patients after radiation therapy using Bayesian joint survival-longitudinal modeling. My research interests also include other traditional Biostatistics research including survival analysis, nonparametric analysis and ordered statistics analysis.


2011 | University of Michigan-Ann Arbor | Ph.D.
2007 | University of Michigan-Ann Arbor | Master of Science
Tsinghua University, Beijing P.R.China | Master of Engineering 
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai P.R.China | Bachelor of Engineering


BIOST 2083, Linear Models, Fall 2014 (syllabus)
BIOST 2025, Biostatistics Seminar, Winter 2015

Selected Publications

Park, Y., Figueroa, M.E., Rozek, L.S., Sartor, M.A (2014). methylSig: a whole genome DNA methylation analysis pipeline. Bioinformatics, 30(17), 2414-22.
Park, Y., Kalbfleisch, J.D. and Taylor, J.M.G (2014). Confidence intervals under order restriction. Statistica Sinica,  24, 429-445.
Taylor, J.M.G., Park, Y., and others (2013), Real-time individual predictions of prostate cancer recurrence using joint  models. Biometrics, 69, 206-213.
Park, Y., Taylor, J.M.G. and Kalbfleisch, J.D. (2012), Pointwise nonparametric maximum likelihood estimator of stochastically ordered survivor functions. Biometrika, 99, 327-343. (Supplementary material)
Park, Y., Kalbfleisch, J.D. and Taylor, J.M.G. (2012), Constrained nonparametric maximum likelihood estimator of stochastically ordered survivor functions. Canadian Journal of Statistics, 40, 22-39.

Yong Seok  Park
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