Trevor J Orchard, MBBCh, MMedSci, FAHA, FACE

Distinguished Professor, Epidemiology

Professor, Medicine


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Personal Statement

Dr. Trevor Orchard, a physician epidemiologist, has served over 30 years as PI of the Pittsburgh Epidemiology of Diabetes Complications Study (EDC), which has been awarded MERIT status, and over 20 years as PI for the Pittsburgh DCCT/EDIC site. The EDC has published over 180 papers on type 1 diabetes complications. A major focus of the EDC Study has been renal complications, including the recent demonstration that all excess mortality is associated with micro (or worse) albuminuria. Dr. Orchard, an experienced clinical trialist, has received continual NIH research funding as a PI since 1980. He currently serves on the DCCT/EDIC Publications and Analysis Committee, and has chaired a number of writing groups (Haptoglobin and Mortality) and serves on two committees for the Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study (DPPOS). He has considerable experience in the epidemiology of mortality and diabetes complications, and in mortality/morbidity classification, having also performed such activities for the Community Cardiovascular Surveillance Project, the Allegheny County IDDM registry, the Diabetes Epidemiology Research International Studies, and the DPPOS. In addition, Dr. Orchard has trained 25 doctoral students, 33 master’s students and 9 post-doctoral fellows. Dr. Orchard also taught the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Course for 20 years, and instructed clinical endocrine and cardiology fellows rotating through his Lipid Clinic. He also is the PI of the T32 Cardiovascular Epidemiology Training grant. Finally for the last 10 years Dr Orchard has been assisting the development of diabetes care in Rwanda, through a programme called Life for a Child which has also provided 12 MPH students with the opportunity to conduct their practicum in Rwanda. Research interests are diabetes and cardiovascular epidemiology, with particular emphasis on type 1 diabetes and lipids, management of lipid disorders and diabetes prevention.  Dr. Orchard has recently been appointed as a Commissioner for the Lancet Diabetes Commission.


University College, Cardiff, Wales - Preclinical Studies, 1971
University of Wales, Welsh National School of Medicine - MBBCh, 1974
University of Nottingham, United Kingdom - MMedSci, 1978


1990-2015     EPIDEM 2150: Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Diseases

Research Interests

  • Diabetes and cardiovascular epidemiology, with particular emphasis on insulin-dependent diabetes and lipids, management of lipid disorders, diabetes prevention

Research Support

Principal Investigator

  • Epidemiology of Diabetes Complications: Phase II (2004-2019) NIDDK
  • Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications (2006-2022) Case Western
  • Cardiovascular Epidemiology Training Program (2008-2018) NHLBI
  • Biomarker Validation and Discovery in Diabetic Nephropathy (2015-2018) UCSD
  • Diabetes Prevention - Developing Two Computer Simulation Models (2017-2018) RTI


  • Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study (DPPOS) - Phase 3 (2016-2021) NIDDK
  • ApoC3, HDL Function and Cardiovascular Complications of T1DM (2015-2020) NIH
  • Re-Evaluating HDL in Coronary Artery Disease (RETRO HDL) (2016-2020) NHLBI


  • Initiate and Maintain Physical Activity in Clinics: The IMPACT Diabetes Study (2013-2018) NIDDK
  • Lancet Diabetes Commissioner/Co-Lead

Medical Director

  • Department of Epidemiology/Medicine: Nutrition Lipid Program
  • Department of Epidemiology/UPDI: Diabetes Prevention Support Center

Trevor J Orchard