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Jeanette Trauth, PhD

Associate Professor, Behavioral and Community Health Sciences

Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management

Director, BCHS Doctoral Program

Associate Professor, Clinical & Translational Science Institute

Affiliate Faculty, Center for Health Equity


6138 Parran Hall
R-znvy: genhgu@cvgg.rqh
Primary Phone: 967-179-5413

Personal Statement

My current research is focused on addressing the social determinants of health—that is, addressing the quality of early childhood education that prepares young at-risk children for healthy growth and development. To that end, I have recently co-developed the Working for Kids: Building Skills: training program, copyright 2016 University of Pittsburgh. This is a novel, community-based participatory training program that teaches communities, parents and child care providers effective strategies to develop social-emotional, language and problem-solving skills in young children (ages 3-5 years) who are at- risk for experiencing adverse childhood experiences. This program focuses on providing parents and childcare workers with knowledge about early child brain development and skills to facilitate healthy growth and development among children in low SES communities in order to facilitate school readiness. For more information see:

I was a recipient of a Pittsburgh Innovation Challenge Award (PinCh) along with Dr. Judy Cameron (PI) for the development and pilot testing of the Working for Kids: Building Skills training program. We are currently conducting a pilot study to test the feasibility of the training program in conjunction with our community partner—Family Care Connection Family Resource Centers of Children’s Hospital, Pittsburgh. We have also worked with the Innovation Institute at the University of Pittsburgh to develop a plan to market the training program nationally and internationally. See the Working for Kids (WFK) website: for information on the three levels of training and fee schedule.


1975 University of Dayton, Dayton, OH. BS Education
1978 University of Pittsburgh, MPA Public Administration
1981 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY. MS Science, Technology, Values
1988 University of Pittsburgh, PhD Public Administration (Organizational Theory and Behavior)


I teach several graduate courses including three doctoral seminars and a masters’ level health behavior theory course. I also oversee DrPH students in their required fieldwork experiences. I also serve on several thesis and dissertation committees each year.
BCHS 2520: Theories of Health Behavior & Health Education
BCHS 3004: Integrative Research Seminar: Grant Writing
BCHS 3555: Doctoral Seminar in BCHS Theories and Models
BCHS 3703: DrPH Executive Management Practicum


I currently direct the BCHS Doctoral Program. This involves overseeing the admission of new students each year, assistance with new student orientation, on-going academic advising throughout the year, overseeing the qualifying exams process for all first year doctoral students, curriculum issues and monitoring student performance.
I have also served on various GSPH school-wide standing committees such as Planning and Budget Policies Committee (PBPC), Faculty Advancement, Promotion and Tenure Committee (FAPTC), and I served as the President of the GSPH Faculty Senate (2008-2009). In addition, I have served on the recent GSPH reaccreditation committee, BCHS faculty search committees and the annual GSPH Dean’s Day.
I am a member of the Editorial Board, Family & Community Health Journal. And, I also review for numerous public health journals including: American Journal of Preventive Medicine; Pediatrics, BMC Health Services Research, Family & Community Health, Health Education & Behavior. I also review grants for NIH/NCI on a regular basis.
2015 Chair-Elect, DrPH Council, ASPPH
2016 Chair, DrPH Council, ASPPH.
I am a member of Temple Sinai Tikkun Olam, Social Justice Center in Pittsburgh and an active member of my neighborhood civic association.

Selected Publications

The following are selected publications that reflect the range of my research interests as well as publications with students.

Bellon JE, Driessen J, Stevans JM, James E, Reynolds BR and Trauth JM (senior author). Organizational and Environmental Context for Including Advanced Practice Providers in UPMC Hospitalist Models. Journal of Organizational Psychology, 2017. 17(2). 


McDonough B, Felter E, Downes A and Trauth J* (*corresponding author). Communicating Public Health Preparedness Information to Pregnant and Postpartum Women: An Assessment of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Web Pages. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness. 2015; 9(2):134-137.


Flatt JD, Hughes TF, Documet PI, Lingler JH, Trauth, JM and Albert SM. A Qualitative Study on the types and Purposes of Social Activities in Late Life. Activities, Adaptation & Aging, 2015. 39(2).


Documet P, Bear TM, Flatt JD, Macia L, Trauth J and Ricci EM. The Association of Social Support and Education with Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening. Health Education & Behavior, 2015, 42(1): 55-64. (Published online November 12, 2014.)


Jessica G. Burke, Jeanette Trauth and Steven Albert. Chapter 1: Community Health Research in the 21st Century, in Methods for Community Public Health Research: Integrated and Engaged Approaches. Springer Publishing, March 2014.


Documet PI, Trauth JM, Key M, Flatt JD and Jernigan J. Breast Cancer Survivors’ Perception of Survivorship. Oncology Nursing Forum, 2012. 39(3): 309-315.


Trauth J, Documét PI, Hawk M, Arnold N. Aligning a Departmental DrPH Program with the new ASPH Competencies. Public Health Reports, 2011. 126(2): 294-298.


Ling BS, Schoen RE, Trauth JM, Wahed AS, Eury T, Simak DM, Solano FX, and Weissfeld JL. Physicians encouraging colorectal screening: a randomized controlled trial of enhanced office and patient management on compliance with colorectal cancer screening. Arch Intern Med, 2009. 169(1): 47-55.


Ling BS, Trauth JM; Fine MJ; Mor MK; Resnick A; Braddock CH; Bereknyei S; Weissfeld J; Schoen R; Ricci EM; and Whittle J. Informed Decision-making and Colorectal Cancer Screening: Is it occurring in Primary Care? Medical Care, 2008. 46(9 Suppl 1): S23-9.


Mary Ann Sevick, Jeanette M. Trauth, Bruce S. Ling, Roger T. Anderson, Gretchen A. Piatt, Amy M. Kilbourne and Robert M. Goodman. “Patients with Complex Chronic Diseases: Perspectives on Supporting Self-Management.” Journal General Internal Medicine, 2007, 22 (Suppl 3): 438-444.


Trauth JM, Jernigan JC, Siminoff LA, Musa D, Neal-Ferguson D, and Weissfeld J. Factors Affecting African American Women’s Decisions to Join the PLCO Cancer Screening Trial. Journal of Clinical Oncology 2005; 23 (34):8730-8738


Helinski DT, Trauth JM*, Jernigan J and Kerr MJ. Describing a Folic Acid Intervention for Health Care Providers: Implications for Professional Practice and Continuing Education. Journal of Health Promotion Practice 2004; 5 (3):326-333. (*Corresponding author).


Trauth JM, Ling BS, Weissfeld JL, Schoen RE and Hayran M. Using the Transtheoretical Model to Stage Screening Behavior for Colorectal Cancer. Health Education & Behavior 2003; 30 (3): 322-336
Trauth JM, Zimmerman RK, Musa D, Mainzer H and Nutini JF. Do Beliefs of Inner-City Parents About Disease and Vaccine Risks Affect Immunization? Journal of the National Medical Association 2002; 94 (9): 820-832.


Jernigan JC, Trauth JM, Neal-Ferguson D and Cartier-Ulrich C. Factors that Influence Cancer Screening in Older African American Men and Women: Focus Group Findings. Family & Community Health 2001; 24 (3): 27-33.


Trauth JM, Musa D, Siminoff L, Jewell IK, and Ricci E. Public Attitudes Regarding Willingness to Participate in Medical Research Studies. Journal of Health & Social Policy 2000;12 (2): 23-43

Jeanette  Trauth
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