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Hasan Guclu, PhD

Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Management

Assistant Professor, Public Health Dynamics Lab


705 Parran Hall, 130 DeSoto St, Pittsburgh, PA 15261
R-znvy: thpyh@cvgg.rqh
Primary Phone: 967-179-7623
Secondary Phone: 030-411-4414

Personal Statement

I use network and agent-based modeling and analysis for public health problems such as infectious disease spread; physician prescribing behavior; emergency preparedness; international food trade, food safety, and cancer; computational epidemiology, etc.


2005 | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York | PHD
2001 | Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey | MS
1998 | Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey | BS


Networks for Health
Modeling for Public Health
Mathematics for Statistics

Selected Publications

  1. Sood R, Bocour A, Kumar S, Guclu H, Potter M, Shah T. Impact on Primary Care Access Post-Disaster: A Case Study from the Rockaway Peninsula. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness 10(3):492
  2. Guclu H, Kumar S, Galloway D, Krauland M, Sood R, Bocour A. Batra-Hershey T, van Nostrand E, Potter M (2016). An agent-based model for addressing the impact of a disaster on access to primary care services. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness 10(3):386
  3. Lo-Ciganic W, Gellad WF, Huskamp HA, Choudhry NK, Chang CH, Zhang R, Jones BL, Guclu H, Richards-Shubik S, Donohue JM (2016). Who Were the Early Adopters of Dabigatran? An Application of Group-Based Trajectory Models. Medical Care 54(7):725
  4. Guclu H, Read J, Vukotich CJ, Jr, Galloway DD, Gao H, Rainey JJ, Uzicanin A, Zimmer SM,Cummings DAT (2016). Social Contact Networks and Mixing among Students in K-12 Schools in Pittsburgh, PA. PLoS ONE 11(3): e0151139. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0151139
  5. Guclu H, van Panhuis W, Grefenstette J, Qi W, Burke D (2015). Correlation network analysis for historical notifiable infectious disease data from The Project TYCHO. In IBM Big Data Analytics and Education Conference Europe, Istanbul, Turkey [peer-reviewed]
  6. Guclu H, Ferrell-Bjerke E, Galvan J, Sweeney PM, Potter MA (2014). State-level preparedness for nuclear and radiological emergencies in the USA: A Social Network Analysis of State Laws and Regulations. Public Health Reports 129(S4):154 
  7. F. Wu, T. Bui-Klimke, T.W. Kensler, J.-M. Yuan, and H. Guclu (2014). Aflatoxin Regulations and Global Pistachio Trade:  Insights from Social Network Analysis. PLoS ONE 9(3), e92149
  8. J. Grefenstette, S. Brown, R. Rosenfeld, J. DePasse, N. Stone, P. Cooley, W. Wheaton, A. Fyshe, D. Galloway, A. Sriram, H. Guclu, T. Abraham, D. Burke (2013). A Framework for Reconstructing Epidemic Dynamics (FRED): An open-source software system for modeling infectious diseases and control strategies using census-based populations. BMC Public Health 13(1), 940
  9. P. M. Sweeney, E. Ferrell-Bjerke, H. Guclu, C. R. Keane, J. Galvan, S. M. Gleason, M. A. Potter (2013). Social Network Analysis: A Novel Approach to Legal Research on Emergency Public Health Systems. J Public Health Management and Practice 19(6), E38--E40
  10. P. M. Sweeney, E. Ferrell Bjerke, M.A. Potter, H. Guclu, C. R. Keane Christopher, K. D. Ashley, M. Grabmair, and R. Hwa (2013). Analysis of Manually-Encoded State Laws and Prospects for Automation. The 14th International Conference on AI and Law (ICAIL), Rome, Italy [peer-reviewed]
  11. F. Wu and H. Guclu (2013). Global maize trade and food security: Implications from a social network model. Risk Analysis 33(12), 2168--2178
  12. F. Wu and H. Guclu (2012). Aflatoxin regulations in a network of global maize trade. PLoS ONE 7(9), e45151

Hasan  Guclu
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