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Charles R Rinaldo, PhD

Professor and Chair, Infectious Diseases and Microbiology

Professor, Pathology


2126 Parran Hall, GSPH, 130 DeSoto Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15261
R-znvy: evanyqb@cvgg.rqh
Primary Phone: 967-179-8473
Secondary Phone: 967-192-8219
Fax: 967-179-9408

Judy Malenka, wznyraxn@cvgg.rqh, 967-179-6182

Personal Statement

Cellular immunity to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and Kaposi's sarcoma associated herpesvirus (KSHV; human herpesvirus 8), clinical virology.

Dr. Rinaldo is Chairman and Professor of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology (IDM) in the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health (GSPH) and Professor of Pathology in the School of Medicine. In 1983, he was successful in establishing a Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study (MACS) site in Pittsburgh, termed the Pitt Men's Study (PMS), which investigates the natural history of AIDS in men who have sex with men in Pittsburgh. The MACS currently has published over 1100 scientific articles, many of which have had significant impact in the field of AIDS research.

Dr. Rinaldo's research is focused on the relation of disease progression to dendritic cell function and reactivity of CD8 killer T cells to HIV and human herpesvirus 8 (HHV-8, or KSHV, the cause of Kaposi's sarcoma).  Dr. Rinaldo has mentored many graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and has had continuous research grant funding from the NIH since 1979. 


1964-1966 | Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NY | A.A., General Studies
1966-1969 | Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY | A.B., Bacteriology

1969-1970 | University of Rochester, Rochester, NY | PhD Candidate, Microbiology
1970-1973 | University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT | PhD, Microbiology

1973-1974 | Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Utah | Microbiology
1974-1977 | Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital | Infectious Disease
1977-1978 | Research Associate, Massachusetts General Hospital | Infectious Disease


IDM 2003 - Host Response to Microbial Infection
IDM 2038 - Treatment, Prevention and Control of Global Infectious Disease
MSIMM 3230 - Immunology and Human Disease
MSMVM 3440 - Vaccines and Immunity

Pathology Residency Training Program - Teaching of clinical virology to Pathology Residents during their rotation in Clinical Microbiology

Selected Publications

Agudelo-Hermandez, A., Chen, Y., Bullotta, A., Buchanan, W.G., Klamar-Blain, C.R., Borowski, L., Riddler, S.A., Rinaldo, C.R., and Macatangay, B.J.C.  Subclinical herpesvirus shedding among HIV-1-infected men on antiretroviral therapy.  AIDS  31:2085-2094, 2017.

Rappocciolo, G., Jais, M., Piazza, P.A., DeLucia D.C., Jenkins, F.J., and Rinaldo, C.R.  Human herpesvirus 8 infects and replicates in Langerhans Cells and Interstitial Dermal Dendritic Cells and impairs their function.  J Virol., 2017.

Sanyal, A., Mailliard, R.B., Rinaldo, C.R., Ratner, D., Ding, M., Chen, Y., Zerbato, J.M., Giacobbi, N.S., Venkatachari, N.J., Patterson, B.K., Chargin, A., Sluis-Cremer, N., and Gupta, P.  Novel assay reveals a large inducible-replication competent HIV-1 reservoir in resting CD4+ T cells.  Nature Med.  23:885-889, 2017.

Lepone, L., Rappocciolo, G., Piazza, P., *Campbell, D., Jenkins, F., and Rinaldo, C.  Regulatory T cell effect on CD8+ T cell responses to human herpesvirus 8 infection and development of Kaposi’s sarcoma.  AIDS Res. Hum. Retro., Mar. 2, 2017.  [Epub ahead of print]

Venkatachari, N.J., Jain, S., Walker, L., Bivalkar-Mehla, S., Chattopadhyay, A., Bar-Joseph, Z., Rinaldo, C., Ragin, A., Seaberg, E., Levine, A., Becker, J., Martin, E., Sacktor, N., and Ayyavoo, V.  Transcriptome analyses identify key cellular factors associated with HIV-1-associated neuropathogenesis in infected men.  AIDS 31:623-633, 2017.

Gandhi, R.T., McMahon, D.K., Bosch, R.J., Lalama, C.M., Cyktor, J.C., Macatangay, B.J., Rinaldo, C.R., Riddler, S.A., Hogg, E., Godfrey, C., Collier, A.C., Eron, J.J., Mellors, J.W.; ACTG A5321 Team.  Levels of HIV-1 persistence on antiretroviral therapy are not associated with markers of inflammation or activation. PLoS Pathog. 13:e1006285, 2017.

Macatangay, B.J., Yang, M., Sun, X., Morton, J., Gruttola, V., Little, S., Hogan, C., and Rinaldo, C.R., and the A5217 Team. Changes in levels of inflammation following antiretroviral treatment during early HIV infection in ACTG A5217. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 75:137-141, 2017.

Chen, Y., Shen, C., Guha, D., Ding, M., Kulich, S., Ashimkhanova, A., Rinaldo, C., Seaberg, E., Margolick, J.B., Stosor, V., Martínez-Maza, O., and Gupta, P.  Identification of the transcripts associated with spontaneous HCV clearance in individuals co-infected with HIV and HCV. BMC Infect Dis. 16:693, 2016.

Gearhart, T.L., Montelaro, R.C., Schurdak, M.E., Pilcher, C.D., Rinaldo, C.R., Kodadek, T., Park, Y., Islam, K., Yurko, R., Marques, E.T., Jr., and Burke, D.S. Selection of a potential diagnostic biomarker for HIV infection from a random library of non-biological synthetic peptoid oligomers. J Immunol Methods.  435:85-89, 2016.

McKay, H.S., Bream, J.H., Margolick, J.B., Martínez-Maza, O., Phair, J.P., Rinaldo, C.R., Abraham, A.G., and Jacobson, L.P.  Host factors associated with serologic inflammatory markers assessed using multiplex assays. Cytokine. 85:71-79, 2016.

Smith, K.N., Mailliard, R.B., Piazza, P.A., Fischer, W., Korber, B.T., Fecek, R.J., Ratner, D., Gupta, P., Mullins, J.I., and Rinaldo, C.R. Effective cytotoxic T lymphocyte targeting of persistent HIV-1 during antiretroviral therapy requires priming of naive CD8+ T cells. mBio 7: e00473-16, 2016.

Macatangay, B.J., Riddler, S.A., Wheeler, N.D., Spindler, J., Lawani, M., Hong, F., Buffo, M.J., Whiteside, T.L., Kearney, M.F., Mellors, J.W., and Rinaldo, C.R.  Therapeutic vaccination with dendritic cells loaded with autologous HIV-1-infected apoptotic cells.  J Infect Dis. 213:1400-1409, 2016.

Falade-Nwulia, O., Seaberg, E.C., Snider, A.E., Rinaldo, C.R., Phair, J., Witt, M.D., and Thio, C.L. Incident hepatitis B virus Infection in HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected men who have sex with men from pre-HAART to HAART periods: A cohort study. Ann Intern Med. 163:673-680, 2015.

Zaccard, C.R., Watkins, S.C., Fecek, R.J., Kalinski, P., Salter, R.D.,  Ayyavoo, V., Rinaldo, C.R., and Mailliard, R.B.  CD40 ligand induces  networks of tunneling nanotubes exclusively in dendritic cells activated by mediators of type-1 immunity. J Immunol. 194:1047-1056, 2015.

Macatangay, B.J. and Rinaldo, C.R.  Preserving HIV-specific T cell responses:  does  timing of antiretroviral therapy help?  Curr Opin HIV AIDS. 10:55-60, 2015.

Knowlton, E., Rappocciolo, G., Lepone, L.M.,  Nadgir, S.V.,  Bullotta,  A.,  Berendam, S.J., Li, J.,  Reinhart, T.A.,  Jenkins, F.J., and  Rinaldo, C.R. Human herpesvirus 8 induces polyfunctional B lymphocytes that drive Kaposi's sarcoma. MBio  5:e01277-14, 2014.

Rappocciolo, G., Jais, M., Piazza, P., Berendam, S.J., Reinhart, T.A., Gupta, P., and Rinaldo, C. Alterations in cholesterol metabolism restrict trans infection in HIV-1 controllers. mBIO 5: e01031-13, 2014.

Piazza, P., Campbell, D., Mailliard, R., Marques, E., Hildebrand, W.H., Buchli, R., and Rinaldo, C.R. Dengue virus infected human dendritic cells reveal hierarchies of naturally expressed novel NS3 CD8 T cell epitopes. Clin. Exp. Immunol.  177:696-702, 2014.

Smith, K.N., Mailliard, R.B., Larsen, B.B., Wong, K., Gupta, P., Mullins, J.I., and Rinaldo, C.R.  Dendritic cells restore CD8+ T cell reactivity to autologous HIV-1.  J. Virol.  88:9976-9990, 2014.

Melhem, N.M., Smith, K.N., Huang, X-L., Colleton, B.A., Jiang, W. Mailliard, R.B., Mullins, J.I., Rinaldo, C.R. The impact of viral evolution and frequency of variant epitopes on primary and memory human immunodeficiency virus type 1-specific CD8+ T cell responses. Virology 450-451:34-48, 2014.

Rinaldo, C.R. HIV-1 trans infection of CD4+ T cells by professional antigen presenting cells. Scientifica 2013:164203, 2013.

Mailliard R, Smith KN, Fecek RJ, Rappocciolo G, Nascimento E, Marques E T H, Watkins SC, Mullins JI, and Rinaldo, C.R. Selective Induction of CTL helper rather than killer activity by natural epitope variants promotes dendritic cell-mediated HIV-1 dissemination. J. Immunol. 191:2570-2580, 2013.

Charles R Rinaldo
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