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Multidisciplinary Master of Public Health

Blend clinical or professional training
with population-based approaches
to health improvement.

The mission of the MMPH program is to prepare doctoral level health professionals to blend clinical or other professional training with population-based approaches to improving health. This self-designed degree gives you the flexibility to pursue customized competencies tailored to your career goals.


When you complete the MMPH you will achieve all of the core and cross-cutting competencies for Pitt Public Health MPH students. You will also work with the program director to develop two to five advanced competencies tailored to your goals.


Current students and recent graduates hold the following job titles:
  • assistant professor
  • rheumatology fellow
  • clinical instructor
  • fellow in family planning

Recent Essay Titles

  • Expanding Family Planning Services in Rural and Remote Regions of the Mukyuka Health District
  • Blindness in Latin America
  • Perceived Stress and Bronchodilator Response in Puerto Rican Children with Asthma
  • Role for Liquid-Based Papanicolaou Tests in Endometrial Carcinoma Diagnosis: Potential for Screening for Endometrial Carcinoma
  • Simple Self-Exam Brochure to Screen for Oral Cancer: A Public Health Model and Beta-Test


The MMPH requires 42 credits. Many students are able to apply up to six credits of their clinical or other graduate-level training.

Requirements include...
  • Coursework in all core public health disciplines
  • Advanced electives in the student's area of interest
  • 200-hour practicum (starting with the class entering in Fall 2013)
  • Final essay

MMPH Student Handbook(PDF)


The program is open to...
  • Physicians, dentists, and veterinarians
  • Holders of doctoral degrees in the health sciences
  • Advanced medical and dental students (considered on an individual basis)
  • Holders of other relevant doctoral-level degrees (considered on an individual basis)

If you're a graduate of a foreign medical and dental school, you must hold a valid medical or dental license in the United States, be eligible for licensure, be in a residency or fellowship program, or be a visiting clinician planning to return to your native country.

Admissions Requirements

How to Apply

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MMPH Questions?

Summer Haston


MMPH news


Chernoff plays Belle in "Beauty and the Yeast Infection" 

Chernoff plays Belle in "Beauty and the Yeast Infection"

THE PITT NEWS - This year's play from Pitt Medicine's theater group Scope and Scalpel was a classic tale of "Beauty and the Beast" revamped in a satirical production called "Beauty and the Yeast Infection." EVA CHERNOFF (MMPH '19) starred as Belle.  (06/07/2018)

Celebrate 70: Local impact panel (Video) 

Celebrate 70: Local impact panel (Video)

“It’s not about doing the cool work. It’s about doing the work that is necessary for that community,” says RUTH MODZELEWSKI (HUGEN '96) in a discussion featuring faculty and alumni about their impact on local communities, including collaboration between the private and public sector, the value of c... (04/16/2018)

Chaves-Gnecco receives CATCH Award from the American Academy of Pediatrics  

Chaves-Gnecco receives CATCH Award from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Alumnus DIEGO CHAVES-GNECCO (MMPH ’00), now associate professor at Pitt’s School of Medicine and founding director of the program SALUD Para Niños at UPMC’s Children’s Hospital, received the F. Edwards Rushton CATCH Award at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference and Exhibition... (11/20/2017)
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