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MPH Competencies

Coverage of CEPH Competencies in Pitt Public Health MPH Core Courses

Below is a table listing where each of the MPH Foundational Public Health Knowledge and MPH Foundational Competencies are covered in MPH core courses. These competencies are from the 2016 CEPH Accreditation Criteria.

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CEPH competencies in MPH core courses


*(K1-12) MPH Foundational Public Health Knowledge
*(C1-22) MPH Foundational Competencies

Advanced Program Competencies

Each MPH program has an additional set of advanced program competencies that students will cover in program-required courses. For more information, ask your advisor, program director, or consult the academic handbook for your program/department. 

Exemption from MPH Core Courses

When students have completed courses that covered CEPH competencies, they may request to be exempted from one or more of the MPH core. To begin the process, complete the MPH core course exemption form

Pitt Public Health is accredited by the Council for Education on Public Health (CEPH).

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