For Members

Member Responsibilities

  • Attend meetings or ensure that departmental representation will be in attendance in the form of department back-up representatives | upcoming meeting schedule.
  • Review meeting documents prior to meetings | available here.
  • Act as a liaison between your department and the committee, including reporting updates to your department regularly.
  • Bring departmental concerns to the committee.
  • Inform departmental faculty of the upcoming EPCC deadlines for proposal reviews.
  • When students in your department are named during the student record review, communicate with the student's advisor to alert them of the issue(s).

About being an EPCC member

  • We wholeheartedly seek input from all members.
  • We value our student members’ perspectives.
  • We are a green committee and no hard copies of meeting documents will be distributed. Feel free to bring a laptop or tablet to the meeting.


Terms as of 2016-17
Academic Year
Term Expiring at end of
Academic Year
1st term 2nd term
Nancy Glynn (EPIDEM) 2018 X  
Jim Fabisiak (EOH) 2017 X  
Ying Ding (BIOST) 2017 X  
Patricia Documet (BCHS) 2017 X  
John Shaffer (HUGEN) 2018 X  
Giovanni Rappocciolo (IDM) 2021 X  
Julia Driessen (HPM) 2018 X  

Members are eligible to serve two consecutive terms. "X" denotes the term currently being served.

New committee members officially begin their service at the September meeting but are invited to attend the August meeting.