Graduation Information

Must-Know Graduation Details

You can graduate in April, June, August, or December.
Here’s your Graduation Checklist

  1. Be sure you have met all academic requirements for graduation
  2. Be sure you are registered for the term in which you want to graduate
  3. Apply for graduation
  4. If you’re a doctoral candidate, make sure your defense is properly announced well in advance
  5. Complete the Exit Survey
  6. If you are an international student, complete the Departure Notification Form
  7. Submit your essay, thesis, or dissertation according to the instructions below. Be sure that you follow all formatting instructions in the Academic Handbook and in your departmental guidelines.

Events During Graduation Weekend

Academic Requirements for Graduation

It is critical that you meet with your advisor and department student services staff member to make sure that you have successfully completed all of the academic requirements for graduation. These include (but are not necessarily limited to) ...

  • All school-wide required courses, including two terms of Public Health Grand Rounds
  • All departmental required courses
  • Any practicum, internship, residency, or research requirements
  • Pitt Public Health Student Academic Integrity Module
  • All required examinations (preliminary, comprehensive, etc.)
  • Essay, thesis, or dissertation
  • If you are receiving a joint or dual degree, all requirements for both degrees must be complete (with the exception of the MSTP program)
  • You must be registered for the term in which you graduate

In addition, you must ensure that you meet the following conditions:

  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0
  • All G, I, or Z grades must be converted to a final grade (or your file must contain a memo from your advisor stating that the course is not required for the degree)
  • Full (not provisional) admission status

Registration Requirement for Graduating Students

Degree-seeking student must be registered for at least one credit or for FTDR (for doctoral students completing full-time dissertation research) in the term of graduation. Students planning to graduate in June must register for at least one credit or FTDR in 6-week session 1. To graduate in August, you may register for summer term, or for any summer session, including 6-week session 1. If you applied for June graduation and registered for 6-week session 1, you can apply for August graduation without further registration, but you must reapply by submitting a new graduation application and prior degree form. 

Note: international students need permission from the Office of International Services to register for less than a full-time credit load.

Students graduating with a certificate only do not need to register in the term of graduation, as long as they registered during the 12 months prior to graduation.

If you have not registered for three terms, you are no longer an active student. Consult with your department student services staff to discuss criteria for re-admission.

Applying to Graduate

You must apply to graduate by completing an Application for Graduation (PDF - form must be printed in landscape orientation) and a Prior Degree Form (PDF) and submitting them to the Pitt Public Health Office of Student Affairs, G011A. Deadlines and instructions are listed in the table below. Late fees must be paid by check or money order payable to the “University of Pittsburgh” and be submitted with the application. Contact Joanne Pegher with questions.

Be sure to list your Pitt e-mail on the Application for Graduation and a non-Pitt e-mail on the Prior Degree Form. Your name on the application must be the same as it appears in the PeopleSoft system. You will be required to provide legal documentation (e.g., marriage certificate, divorce decree, valid passport) to the Office of the Registrar to use a different name on the graduation application.

If you are graduating with two Pitt Public Health degrees, or a Pitt Public Health degree and a Pitt Public Health certificate, you may enter all information on one application form. If degrees and/or certificates will be awarded by another school in addition to Pitt Public Health, an application must be submitted to each school. If you are graduating with a joint degree, please indicate this on the second page of the graduation application beneath the area for degrees.

Note: your Academic Department/Student Plan is PPBHL and your Department is BCHS, BIOST, EOH, EPIDEM, HPM, HUGEN, IDM; or MULTI PROGRAM. For Name of Degree/Cert, list degree and/or specific certificate.

Titles: Only doctoral students who intend to graduate in April need to provide the title of their dissertation. Those submitting an essay or thesis never need to include their titles on the application.

Applications for graduation are valid for only one graduation date. If you postpone graduation, you must reapply by completing and submitting another application.

Important Graduation Dates

For a comprehensive, printable table of important dates and deadlines, refer to the graduation dates table. The table is updated as dates are released by the Office of the University Registrar.

Note that graduation ceremonies happen once per calendar year, at the end of the spring term. These events honor graduates from the previous June, August, and December and the current April term. 

The events appear below on the April graduation calendar based on when they occur, but June, August, and December grads are also invited. More on these events at

August 2019 Graduation Deadlines & Important Dates

Fri 9/6 - Notice
Transcripts Available August Graduation Notice
Transcripts Available
Fri 9/6

Transcripts available for pickup from Registrar's Office (G3 Thackeray) with ID. August 2019 graduates (term 2197).

Mon 9/23 to Fri 9/27 - Notice
Diploma Mailing Begins August Graduation Notice
Diploma Mailing Begins
Mon 9/23 to Fri 9/27

Vendor begins mailing diplomas September 23 thru September 27 for August 2019 graduates (term 2197). Will be notified via Pitt e-mail address when the diploma ships.  Certificates are printed and mailed by Student Affairs Office approx. 6 to 8 weeks after graduation.

December 2019 Graduation Deadlines & Important Dates

December Graduation Application Deadline

Graduation Application Due (no fee)

Tuesday 9/10

Apply for December graduation (term 2201) with no fee. The final deadline to apply is November 20. Fees apply in a tiered structure between August 12 and November 22.

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News and Announcements about Graduation

Detailed essay, thesis, and dissertation rules  

Detailed essay, thesis, and dissertation rules

Questions on detailed essay, thesis, and dissertation rules? Check out the Detailed Policies and References section of the Academic Handbook.  (09/06/2019)

Deadline: December 2019 graduation application  

Deadline: December 2019 graduation application

Submit your graduation application and prior degree form for December 2019 graduation (term 2201) by September 10 with no fee. Beginning September 11, students applying must pay a $15 late fee (check or money order payable to the University of Pittsburgh). Applications must be submitted to Joanne P... (09/06/2019)

Dean Burke gives six precepts for success in 2019 Convocation Address 

Dean Burke gives six precepts for success in 2019 Convocation Address

As the 2019 Convocation speaker, outgoing dean Donald S. Burke explained that the world would be looking to the class of 2019 for answers to things like the opioid epidemic, gun violence, and other challenges to the public's health. Dean Burke dispensed wisdom personally gathered during his career,... (05/06/2019)

2019 Celebration of Student Awards 

2019 Celebration of Student Awards

On April 27, 2019, Pitt Public Health celebrated recent graduates with awards given upon the culmination of a degree program. Delta Omega's honor society inductees were announced and outstanding thesis/essay and dissertation awards were conferred. Outstanding Student Awards were also given at both ... (04/29/2019)

HUGEN's Beth Roman receives 2019 Craig Teaching Award 

HUGEN's Beth Roman receives 2019 Craig Teaching Award

Congratulations to HUGEN's Beth Roman on winning this year's award honoring faculty who have excelled in the teaching and mentoring of students. "Dr. Roman creates the best possible learning environment by making her classroom open to all questions, comments, and points of discussion. She actively ... (04/22/2019)