Executive in Residence

The purpose of the Executive in Residence (EIR) program is to enhance students’ contact with and knowledge about the world of practice. The EIR meets with students collectively and individually several times during the academic year regarding career development, professionalism and leadership. Below is the list of the current and past executives and their bios (during the time of their EIR).

Maximize 2018–2019: Louis Shapiro

Maximize 2017–2018: Tom Sadvary

Maximize 2016–2017: Scott Becker

Maximize 2015–2016: Mark Sevco

Maximize 2014–2015: Ray Grady

Maximize 2013–2014: Norm Mitry

Maximize 2012–2013: Robert J. Henkel

Maximize 2011–2012: Cindy Dorundo

Maximize 2010–2011: Michael Young

Maximize 2009–2010: James Collins

Maximize 2008–2009: Leslie Davis

Maximize 2007–2008: Thomas Priselac

Maximize 2006–2007: David Hunter

Maximize 2005–2006: Thomas Timcho

Maximize 2003–2005: Michael Blackwood

Maximize 2002–2003: John Zanardelli