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MD/PhD Joint Degree

The joint PhD/MD program is a unique arrangement between the Department of Epidemiology and the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), a collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. The program provides the opportunity for students to undertake a physician-scientist training program tailored to specific research interests, provided by the wide range of research that primary and secondary epidemiology faculty are involved in within Pitt Public Health and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Students in this program begin by completing two years of the MD degree in the School of Medicine, and then study at Pitt Public Health for three years to complete the PhD program. Students then return to the School of Medicine to finish the last two years of medical training.
Epidemiology PhD Program

Active Funding Opportunities for Doctoral Students

Aging epidemiology
Applied public health epidemiology
Cancer epidemiology
Cardiovascular and diabetes epidemiology
Clinical trials and methods
Environmental epidemiology
Global health epidemiology
Infectious disease epidemiology
Injury prevention epidemiology
Molecular and genetic epidemiology
Population neuroscience
Obesity and nutritional epidemiology
Prevention, lifestyle, and physical activity epidemiology
Psychiatric epidemiology
Reproductive, perinatal, and pediatric epidemiology
Women’s health epidemiology

Joint Degrees Contacts

Caterina Rosano
130 N. Bellefield Street, Room 507

Lori Smith
Student services manager and program administrator
A537 Public Health
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