Certified in Public Health Exam

Pitt Public Health’s CPH Initiative

Cap off your public health education and gain an important professional credential by taking the Certified in Public Health (CPH) exam.

Benefits of being CPH

  • Stay current on best practices and education
  • Meet and maintain a national professional standard
  • Invest in your career
  • Increase recognition of the public health professions
  • Raise the visibility of public health
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You must have earned 21 or more total credits towards your degree and have completed the core courses required for your program. For DrPH and MPH students, the credits must include the five core public health areas of: biostatistics, environmental health sciences, epidemiology, health services/policy management, and social and behavioral sciences. For MS and PhD students the Essentials of Public Health (PUBHLT 2011) course will substitute for the core areas of environmental health sciences, health services/policy management, and social and behavioral sciences. Students concurrently enrolled in one core course when scheduled to sit for the exam are considered eligible.


Current Students and Recent Graduates* | Instructions:

  • Students select the "student and alumni" registration link on the CPH exam registration web page. This brings you to the CPH site. Select the red "Apply Now" button in the middle of the page to begin the registration process.
  • Complete the registration pages by entering in your contact information, demographic information, academic information (for example, what degree you are earning, and your date of expected date of graduation).
  • Step 5 of 6 asks if registration fees are subsidized.  Select the fully subsidized option.
  • Step 6 of 6 requests payment. Do not submit payment and log out of the system. You have completed all of the necessary steps to register for the test.
  • NBPHE will communicate with the school with a list of students who have registered.
  • The school will e-mail students who have registered to confirm registration and provide log-in for the CPH online study guide.
  • The school will certify student eligibility. Once certified, the school will e-mail students confirmation of eligibility. If eligibility issues are discovered, students will be e-mailed directly to clarify core course enrollment plans.
  • Once students are certified eligible, the school will send students a voucher code to be entered as payment for the exam in the CPH registration site.
  • You will now begin the process to schedule your CPH exam.

* Students completing their degree program within the last academic year of the current CPH cycle. For academic year 2018-19 this includes graduates from: June, August, and December 2018, April, June, and August 2019.

** There is an international testing fee ($100.00) for individuals taking the CPH exam outside of the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. This fee must be paid by the test-taker. The Graduate School of Public Health is not responsible for the payment of the international testing fee.

*** If you need to reschedule the CPH exam test date, the first reschedule is free. The second reschedule request requires the Reschedule Request form (located in the CPH Candidate Handbook) and payment of $125. The Graduate School of Public Health is not responsible for the payment of the reschedule fee.

***** If you do not pass the exam, there is a $150 fee should you wish to retake it. The Graduate School of Public Health is not responsible for the payment of this fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

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CPH Webinars

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January 18, 2019 from 2-3pm - 1149 Pitt Public Health

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March 14, 2019 from 2-3pm - A521 Pitt Public Health

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Questions about the CPH exam?

For more information about the Certified in Public Health Exam,  for access to the CPH study guide, or for information about CPH Continuing Education (CPH-CE) events at Pitt Public Health, contact Summer Haston at srhaston@pitt.edu or 412-624-3106.

CPH exam for alumni

Find out about Pitt Public Health's program for recent grads interested in taking the CPH Exam for alumni.