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Wed 4/20 11:00AM - 3:00PM
Take a Health Professional to the People Day (TADay) Center for Health Equity Event
Take a Health Professional to the People Day (TADay)
Wed 4/20 11:00AM - 3:00PM
Pittsburgh, PA

Take a Health Professional to the People Day (TADay) is the University of Pittsburgh Center for Health Equity's health promotion and disease prevention initiative in partnership with African American-owned and -operated barbershops in several Pittsburgh communities. Health professionals (including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, nutritionists, health science students), public health educators, and health organizations volunteer their time to provide screening services and health education in the barbershops.TADay takes place in April in recognition of National Minority Health Month.

Pittsburgh, PA
Center for Health Equity

About the CHE Journal Club

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The Center for Health Equity hosts a monthly journal club meeting to facilitate dialogue about health equity among faculty, students, staff, and community members. We hope to spark an intellectually, enriching discussion regarding ways to research a problem or intervene to contribute to the solution.

While housed in BCHS, the journal club is open to faculty, students, staff, and community members who are interested in health equity from Pitt Public Health and beyond. Journal club members will take turns in choosing a journal article they find particularly interesting and that can stimulate discussion. Manuscripts are also discussed and feedback is provided to the authors. Faculty-student, staff-student, faculty-staff, community-faculty, and community-staff facilitator teams are encouraged. If you have questions or want to volunteer to facilitate a meeting of the CHE Journal Club, contact Patricia Documét.

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Center for Health Equity Journal Club

Effects Of Unionization On Graduate Student Employees: Faculty-Student Relations, Academic Freedom

Friday 11/3 1:00PM - 2:00PM
A521 Public Health

The Center for Health Equity (CHE) invites all persons to its monthly journal club meetings focusing on a health equity issue or concern.   November co-facilitators are:

Abby Cartus, Doctoral Student, Department of Epidemiology, Pitt & Beth Ussery, Staff Organizer, United Steelworkers

Discussing the article, "Effects of Unionization on Graduate Student Employees: Faculty-Student Relations, Academic Freedom, and Pay" (Rogers, S., Eaton, A.E., & Voos, P.B. (2014). ILR Review, 66(2), 487-510),

Bring a friend!  Coffee & Treats will be served!!

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Photos from a recent CHE Journal Club Spring Symposium | A symposium, panel discussion, and Q&A on the topic of Community Development and Inclusion to Address Health