Evaluating the Job Offer

Make sure you’re ready before you accept

When an offer is made, ask for several days to think it over. If you have several alternatives to choose from, consider the positive and negative aspects of the following factors:
  • Use of skills
  • Size of organization
  • Stability of organization
  • Growth possibilities
  • Location
  • Amount and level of work
  • Working conditions
  • Supervision
  • Freedom on the job
  • Salary and benefits
  • Travel
  • Philosophy of the organization

Evaluating Offers

A job offer involves more than just salary. Take the total compensation package (salary, signing bonus, benefits and perks) into consideration. In particular, you should consider benefits such as tuition reimbursement, medical coverage, vacation time, sick leave, savings plans (401k, 403b, etc.), stock options, and flexible work practices; perks such as relocation reimbursement, free movie tickets, training, etc.

Also, you should consider the organization's culture and growth potential. You should develop an understanding of how the organization operates on a daily basis. Questions you should ask are: Is the environment supportive? Are employees valued? Can I be successful in this organization’s environment? Evaluate your growth potential in the organization, ask yourself: Do I see myself growing in the organization? and Where will I likely be in 2-5 years if I stay with this organization?

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