The new 2018 Pittsburgh Summer Institute cohort

The 2018 Pittsburgh Summer Institute (PSI), a collaborative internship program between the Allegheny County Health Department and Pitt Public Health, welcomed 16 students at orientation yesterday. The students will be addressing real-world public health problems and completing a group project about the tobacco retail environment. 

Back row: Robin Leaf, Patrick Kapfhammer (IDM '19), Allison Landowski (EPI '21), Olivia Messina (EPI '21), Alexa Furek (BCHS '21), Georgie Scott (IDM '19), A.J. Ayers (IDM '19), Jae Kim (BCHS '21). Front row: Jamie Sokol (ACHD, BCHS ’07), Florence Kwok (EPI '21), Lindsay Summers (IDM '19), Hanna Edvardsson (EPI '21), Alyson Harding (EPI '21), Rebecca Thompson (EPI '21), Liz Winter (BCHS '18), Shannon Whitaker (BCHS '21), Megan Tulikangas (ACHD). Not pictured: Hanna Beightley (BCHS '21) and Erica Short (EPI '21)


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