CPH Exam for Alumni

WHY BECOME certified in public health

  • Give yourself a boost in the public health job market.
  • Becoming CPH distinguishes you from the other 8,000 world-wide public health graduates.
  • Helps to establish your credentials when coming to the table with other health professionals.
  • More and more public health employers give hiring, salary, and promotion preference to people with the CPH credential.
  • Increase the credibility of the public health profession and increase your credibility as a public health professional.
  • Become part of the movement to set professional standards for the field.

Free or discounted CPH Exams

A benefit for Pitt Public Health Alumni

A Pitt Public Health initiative provides financial support to recent graduates and rebates to alumni to sit for the CPH exam. Pitt Public Health alumni who graduated within the current testing cycle (since last summer) will have their exam fees paid by Pitt Public Health. Alumni from previous years receive a discount on their exam registration. All Pitt Public Health alumni receive free access to the online study guide.

When is the exam offered?

The exam is offered all year long. If there is a space at a testing center for you, then you may sit for the exam at your convenience. For details and to register, visit the NBPHE Web site.

How do students register for the exam?

  • NBPHE will send the school a list of students who register for the exam by the registration deadline.
  • The school will e-mail students who have registered to confirm registration and provide log-in for the CPH online study guide.
  • The school will certify student eligibility and will e-mail students confirmation. If eligibility issues are discovered, students will be e-mailed directly to clarify.
  • Once students are certified eligible, the school will send students a voucher code to be entered as payment for the exam on the AMP site. Then AMP will send scheduling permits directly to the students allowing you to schedule your CPH exam.

How do alumni  register for the exam?

  • Alumni complete all steps of the CPH exam registration (including payment).
  • NBPHE will send Pitt Public Health a list of alumni who registered for the exam by the registration deadline.
  • We certify that alumni have graduated from Pitt Public Health, and e-mail you access information for the CPH online study guide.
  • Alumni receive scheduling permits from AMP.
  • Alumni receive the school's discount at the time of exam registration. The discounted price is $315.

Testing Centers in the Greater Pittsburgh Area

Yes, there are 4 testing centers within the Greater Pittsburgh area. They are listed here in order of distance from Oakland:

The Pittsburgh location is the closest to Oakland, just 5 miles away.
Edgewood Town Center, 1787 South Braddock Avenue, Suite 296, Pittsburgh, PA 15218

The Upper Saint Clair (South Hills), is approximately 7 miles from downtown.
H & R Block Office, 1720 Washington Road, Norman Center I, Pittsburgh, PA 15241

The Cranberry Township location is located 23 miles to the north of the city.
Cranberry Corporate Business Center | 213 Executive Drive, Suite 150, Cranberry Township, PA 16066

The Greensburg location is located 30 miles to the each of the city. 
116 E. Pittsburgh Street, Suite 101, Greensburg, PA 15601

Other Testing Centers

  • Search for U.S. testing centers
  • Search for international testing centers (Note: There is an international testing fee ($100.00) for individuals taking the CPH exam outside of the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. This fee must be paid by the test-taker. The Graduate School of Public Health is not responsible for the payment of the international testing fee.)

Test Prep Resources

  • NBPHE has a list of test prep resources, including: content outline of the CPH exam sample questions, practice exam, and study session webinars.
  • Alumni and students registered for the current CPH exam are eligible to access these online materials using the school’s log-in code.

Stay Certified

For those who have been certified as CPH there is a recertification process for the maintenance of the CPH credential. CPH professionals must earn 50 recertification credits every two years to maintain their CPH status. There is a cost associated with this. The school is unable to cover the cost of this recertification. We encourage graduates to check with their employers for reimbursement. Complete details including approved events for the recertification are available on the NBPHE Web site. The school is pleased to certify events for CPH-CE credits. A list of upcoming events is available on our website.

graphic that says Get Certified National Board of Pubilc Health Examiners

About CPH Recertification

The CPH recertification process fosters life-long learning, professional development, and promotion of the public health profession. CPH professionals must earn 50 recertification credits every two years to maintain their CPH status.

Log In to CPH portal to report recertification activity, track your progress towards recertification, and pay your recertification application fee.

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Questions about the CPH exam?

For more information about the Certified in Public Health Exam,  for access to the CPH study guide, or for information about CPH Continuing Education (CPH-CE) events at Pitt Public Health, contact Summer Haston at srhaston@pitt.edu or 412-624-3106.